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  • Men’s Pleated Trousers with Self-Belt - Unhemmed

    These unhemmed trousers have two front inset pockets and a self-belt. Made of 71% polyester and 29% cotton. Imported. These pants generally run small. Most men find that one size larger will fit.

  • Men's Modern Swedish Knit Expandable Waist Trouser

    These modern unhemmed Swedish knit polyester trousers are fully lined and have a more tapered leg than the classic design. A tunnel loop allows for a two-inch expansion of the waistband. Machine wash, line dry or tumble dry low.

  • Microfiber Polyester Ties

    These 100% microfiber polyester ties are 3.25 inches wide and 58 inches long. Patterns are white on white. Dry clean only.

  • Silk Ties

    These 100% silk ties are 3.25 wide. Patterns are white on white. Dry clean only.

  • Microfiber Polyester Zipper Tie

    This polyester tie is 3.25 inches wide and 21 inches long. It has a zippered loop to go around the neck for easy adjusting without tying a knot.