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Results for Missionary Manuals

  • Progress Record

    This form is used by missionaries to report to ward or stake leaders the progress of those they are teaching, recent converts, and less-active members.

  • Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith

    This pamphlet contains the simple, direct testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith in his own words. The narrative retells some of the events that led to the restoration of the gospel and the Church.

  • Jesus the Christ

    This book describes the life and mission of the Savior using scriptures. Written by Elder James E. Talmage, Jesus the Christ was first published in 1915.

  • Teaching Record

    This form is used by missionaries to record (1) the principles that have been taught from the missionary lessons and (2) the commitments that have been extended and kept.

  • Oil Vial Keychain

    Chrome-plated compact key chain oil vial provides an easy way to carry consecrated oil. A rubber ring prevents leaks and a spinning attachment keeps the lid from coming off accidentally. Oil is not included.

  • Preach My Gospel

    The standard curriculum for all involved in missionary work. Preach My Gospel guides missionaries and mission leaders in personal and companion study, presenting lessons, and larger missionary meetings. Anyone who wants to can also use it to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.