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  • Liahona

    Like the divine compass it is named after, the Liahona helps guide disciples of Jesus Christ in living His restored gospel. The teachings in each issue are geared toward adults and aim to strengthen the faith of individuals and families as they live the gospel in challenging times. General conference talks are published in the May and November issues.

  • For the Strength of Youth

    For the Strength of Youth magazine delivers hope, help, and inspiration to youth everywhere as they build their faith and prepare for their future.

  • Friend

    The Friend magazine helps children follow Jesus, learn the gospel, and serve others.

  • Baptism and Confirmation

    This special issue of The Friend focuses on baptism and confirmation. It contains teachings about following Christ’s example of being baptized and understanding the purpose of confirmation and the gift of the Holy Ghost. It is intended to teach and inspire those who are considering baptism or approaching baptism age.