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  • Personal Development Youth Guidebook

    This guidebook and notebook will help youth with their personal growth, teaching them to develop their gifts and how to follow Jesus Christ. It will also provide a place to record impressions and goals as they learn.

  • Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Camp Guide

    This guide helps Aaronic priesthood quorum leaders and adult advisors plan and execute ward and stake overnight, and multi-day camps. Camps can help young men deepen their faith in Jesus Christ, build gospel centered relationships and unity. Camp activities help young men increase self-reliance and outdoor skills, discover interests, develop leadership skills and friendships, and grow in the gospel..

  • For the Strength of Youth Booklet

    Available from your ward or branch leaders end of 2022. Booklet will be available for purchase end of 2022. This new booklet contains gospel teachings that will help youth make righteous choices. It includes eternal truths, invitations to act on those truths, and blessings the Lord has promised those who live by His teachings.

  • For the Strength of Youth (Pocket)

    This revised pocket version of For the Strength of Youth summarizes the gospel teachings that will help youth make righteous choices.

  • New Testament 2023 CFM Aaronic Priesthood & Young Women

    This updated resource provides ideas and resources for teaching youth in their Sunday quorums and classes about the events and doctrinal principles found in the New Testament.